The Terrell Davis Group Experience

“Most people – in all lines of work, not just football – talk a real big game. They say they want to go out there and be the best. But you have to be willing to put in the time to do all the little things, all the mental and physical things, that it takes to be the best.” 

                     Terrell Davis, Dreams in Motion (1998)

To be the best real estate brokerage in the Front Range, The Terrell Davis Group @ EXP Realty knows that operating as a team is the most effective way to offer a full suite of services to our clients.

The Terrell Davis Group’s 3 Biggest Differentiators

  1. Divide and Conquer: Our team is made up of Expert Advisors, Inside Sales Professionals, Listing Coordinators, an in-house marketing team, Client Service Administrators and an Operational Manager that leverage their collective time and expertise to effectively and consistently deliver Mile High Service to our valued clients
  2. Level of Experience and Market Knowledge: The Terrell Davis group was established by Kevin Schumacher and Terrell Davis as entrepreneurs in the Colorado real estate industry bringing together our teams collective 24 years of real estate knowledge and experience into the sharing economy of real estate
  3. Mobile and Ready: Our Expert Advisors operate up and down the Front Range using an advanced cloud operating system that houses everything from relocation services to contract management.

Consumers benefit from having the support of our Championship team, leveraging the diversity and skill set of each individual team member.  From Expert Advisors, Buyer Specialists, Client Advisors, as well as Listing, Closing, and Marketing Coordinators to our Operations Manager, our team approach makes the buying and selling process easy and streamlined for our clients and ensures the purchase or sale is optimized with the consumer experience as our top priority.

Our Client Advisors play an instrumental role in identifying our clients’ specific needs, time frame, and any non-negotiables.  From there, one of our Expert Advisors will begin the process with you, outlining a strategy to either sell your home or begin the search for your new home. If we don’t properly understand your ultimate goals and what you want to accomplish, then we have done you a disservice.

The average agent only sells 6-8 homes a year, unlike our team, which sells multiple homes each week. Could you imagine trusting your major life decisions to a professional that is only involved in their business every other month? Performing at this volume allows us to invest in technology at very high levels and implement aggressive marketing strategies that will not only attract local buyers but also extend to regional and national markets. This is what allows you to fully expose your home to the masses and attract multiple buyers.

Our team’s primary goal is to ensure that a purchase or sale is completely optimized giving them a positive consumer experience at every step.  However, what we enjoy the most are the relationships we build.  We are here to help you understand the current market and to handle every detail in the process so that you and your family can achieve your home-related goals while knowing you have the support of a Championship Team behind you.

If you have questions about the market or what your home might be worth, we would love to talk to you to find out how we can help bring your vision to reality.

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