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8 Reasons Why You Should List Your Home this February

Listing your home for sale in February. The Kevin Schumacher Team RE/MAX Eagle Rock

The timing to selling your home always depends on the supply and demand of the market.

Northern Colorado has consistently seen a low supply of inventory in the housing industry due to the popularity of the area.

If you are looking at selling your home, here is why you should list your home this February rather than waiting until spring.

1. Less Competition

It is well known that the spring is a popular time to put your home on the market. Homeowners believe that because the weather they will have a better chance at finding buyers. In reality, beating the ‘average’ thinker to a listing will pay you significantly more!

2. Finding the Very Best Agent

With the misconception that your home will sell better in the Spring comes more competition for your agent. When the housing market truly picks up at full speed your agent will be helping a multitude of buyers.

3. Fewer Buyers

Upfront and honest, there are fewer buyers who look in the winter months to purchase. But what this does bring is very motivated buyers who are ready to purchase the minute they find something right for them. Two words: tax refund!

4. Less Landscaping

During the summer months curb appeal is a must! If you do not have a great presentation buyers will be less motivated to purchase. During the winter months buyers are more lenient on the conditions of the front and backyard especially in Colorado with our unpredictable weather!

5. More Daylight

With the change in daylight, February is the perfect time to list your home! The day are becoming longer and allowing potential buyers to have more time in a day for home showings. Showings after 5:00 pm are very typical because working hours and we will start to see showings running later and later.

6. Perfect Timing for Closings

With new real estate laws such as TRID, closings are typically 45 days or longer. If you list your home now and receive an offer you can expect to close your home by the end of March or beginning of April, allowing you to move when we are starting to see more fair weather conditions in Colorado.

7. Highlight Seasonal Additions to Your Home

This is the perfect time to market your home featuring a fireplace or an insulated garage! Small perks to a home during the winter months can have a large impact on buyers interest! Creating a warm and cozy environment during your showings can create appeal that will last.

8. Northern Colorado’s Lack of Inventory

The local market conditions in Northern Colorado are hot! There has been such a lack in inventory that sellers are seeing multiple offers on their homes shortly after listing! Now of course this depends on your pricing and other conditions, but based on what we are currently seeing in the market homes are selling very quickly.

If you are looking for an Expert Advisor to list your home with look no further! Our team has been in business for 23 years and consistently ranks as one of the top teams in Colorado!

If you are thinking about listing your home and want to get to know our team a bit further, give our team a call at (970) 373-2616 or submit your request for further information below.


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