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6 Small Yard Solutions| Make the Most Out of Your Square Footage

Not a fan of your small backyard? Here are tips and tricks to create a space you will love!

Homeowners know when purchasing a home that there is usually some give and take finding a home that fits every item on the list. For some, that means compromising on a more cozy backyard rather than wide open space. We have gathered together six small backyard solutions to help you make the most of your space and create an area that will turn your compromise into a favorite aspect of your home!

Plan your Backyard with Functionality in Mind

To begin making your backyard a cozy space to enjoy start by defining the function of your backyard. What do you want to get out of your space? Are you wanting an area to entertain a small group of guests or maybe an intimate space for reading? Depending on size you may decide on a multi-functional backyard. Breaking up your yard into specific sections will help with flow and create defined area for each function.


Utilize Pathways

Pathways create movement and flow in a small backyard. If you have a large enough yard to designate sections, using a pathway to each section will create cohesiveness. Utilizing materials that have a contrasting color to other elements of your yard will create definition and complement the fluidity.

Photo Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces via Flicker

Vertical Landscaping

Instead of having your plants on the ground utilizing all your space, use vertical wall planters, hanging plants, and other forms of elevation to draw move eyes upward and create an attractive distraction from the size of yard.

Photo Credit: Katherine via Flickr

Murphy Bar

With your small space there may not be enough room for a fancy hangout spot. The solution to this– an outdoor Murphy bar! A Murphy bar can seat 2-4 people comfortably and provide an outside eating area or entertaining space! Creating inside shelves provides more storage area for your bar and helps to protect any items left out from the elements!

Inverted Gardens

A small backyard leaves little to no room for planting a garden. The solution to this is an inverted gardening that can hang from from just about anywhere! After looking at multiple sources, the most recommended vegetables for an upside down garden are tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, beans, cucumbers and squash. This will not only allow you to have fresh food but create an interesting conversation with guests.

Photo Credit: Thomas Kriese via Flickr

Create Depth and Definition with a Focal Point

Choose a focal point towards the back of the yard and create a cozy space for lounging or fill it with bold landscaping. When viewing the area from the front of the yard the depth created will make your yard seems larger. This is especially true with long and narrow backyards. Another way to create depth with a focal point is adding a water or light feature that will draw in the eyes.

Photo Credit: Field Outdoor Spaces via Flickr

Creating your unique space can be difficult! We work with several local landscaping companies throughout Northern Colorado and would love to provide a reference to someone who can help make your backyard vision a reality!



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